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Guild Wars Review

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Guild Wars Review

Post by Nailo on Sun May 03, 2009 11:27 am

Consoles: PC
Genre: fantasy MMO
Developer: Arena Net
Released: February 7, 2005 NA, EU and AU

Guild Wars is an MMO rivaling WoW in many ways. It is hailed as having one of the greatest PvP of all MMOs. It offers something most MMOs dont, strategy in choosing skills. Instead of being able to have all your skills on your skill bar at once, Guild Wars limits you to 8 skills, one of which can be an elite skill. Unlike other MMOs, your skills do not get better and better as you level, but you have access to more skills which can be used in various combos. The ten classes avaliable to chosoe from are warrior(the tank type class, ranger (ranged damage and degen), monk(healer/buffer), mesmer(controller/degen), elementalist(aoe wizard type), necromancer(minions and degen), ritualist(healer/dmg/non movable minions), assassin(poof to enemy and kill real fast before dying), dervish(scythe wielding self buffer), paragon(spear wielding party buffer). The balancing is decent for pvp, but in pve theres always a solo build of the month where players abuse a combo of two skills to solo everything.

Overall ratings:
Balancing 8/10
theres always that one build everybody abuses in pve, but pvp is normally fine
PvE 8/10
pve is excellent for groups unlike other MMOs
PvP 10/10
guild wars offers the greatest PvP I've experienced,
Classes 9/10
each class offers something new, and no two classes have the same way to play them
Group Play 10/10
Guild Wars almost makes you do group play to continue in PvE or battle in PvP unlike other MMOs
Solo Play 7/10
Not as fun as group play but still is pretty decent
Overall 52/60 87%, nothing can be perfect but this is pretty close

my rating not based of my stats
96/100 96%, overall the best MMO I've ever played and probably will continue to be.
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