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Gaming XP's Review

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Gaming XP's Review

Post by Sky on Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:33 pm

First Impressions - (Out of 20)
Sorry but I really don’t like the first impressions I get of your site. Firstly you have a chatbox as an index page. What makes that worse is that there is a horrible alert box in the background which to a guest, would look horribly unappealing and would put them off. If you want a chatbox, I seriously recommend moving it to the index page of the forum because having it as an index page is just not a great idea. Also your favicon doesn’t really seem relevant to gaming and you also don’t have a domain. The only good thing I would say is that the banner is really well made, I do like that.
(Scored /20)

Site Layout - (Out of 20)
Well obviously the main organisation issue is that the chatbox should be on the index page rather then on a page on its own. The other layout problem I think you have is that you have the general gaming section below the other two gaming sections, I think it should be above them. Other then that your layout is ok and I don’t have any issues.
(Scored /20)

Forum Statistics - (Out of 20)
You have 355 posts and 16 members and you opened on the 24th march. You haven’t made terrible progress but you haven’t made great progress. All I can really say is that you should continue to promote in every way possible and hopefully your perseverance will pay off.
(Scored /20)

Staff Moderation - (Out of 20)
You have 2 admins, 2 reviewers and 1 global mod. I think if you have a co-admin, fair enough. But I don’t think you need 2 reviewers when you have only 16 members? I think you’ve overstaffed a little but it isn’t a major issue. Overall you are doing well and you are clearly doing well recruiting people.
(Scored /20)

Spelling and Grammar - (Out of 20)
There aren’t any major errors, however I have noticed on the Nintendo section you wrote Discuss it their consoles and games. It doesn’t really make sense, remove the word it. Other then that there are no problems and you deserve a high mark. Keep it up in this department!
(Scored /20)

Total Score - (Out of 100)

Final Remarks:
The forum itself seems a pretty decent place but I can’t stand the index page being a chatbox.

What was most liked about the website/forums:
The decent spelling and grammar of your site was probably the most positive part of the review.

What was disliked most about the website/forums:
The chatbox being the homepage.

How could I get you (The Reviewer) to join my website?
I don’t join gaming forums however I probably wouldn’t join if I saw the chatbox on the index page on its own. BTW sorry for repeating myself so much about the chatbox lol.

(Final Score /100)

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