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Tom Clancy's HAWX

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Tom Clancy's HAWX

Post by Nailo on Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:26 pm

Consoles: PS3, 360, PC
Genre: flight
Developer: Ubisoft
Released: March 3, 2009 (USA)
March 6, 2009 (Europe)
March 6, 2009 (Australia)

HAWX is an arcade flight simulator which offers many options and ways to play for players. As you level up through single player story, cooperative story or the online deathmatches, you unlock 50 different planes each with 3 sets of missles to choose from and varying stats on each. HAWX offers "ERS" to players who are getting the hang of flight. ERS generates flight paths to intercept enemy vehicles, dodge missles or determine an angle of attack for more concealed enemies which can be helpful for new players and veterans players who need some assistance on whatever task. The other option besides ERS is assistance off, which lets you pull off more flight maneuvers and see more of the area, this sets you into a 3rd person view. While in assistance off, everything is you, the computer limits you to only what you can pull off without its assistance, you are in total control. The single players lasts 19 missions, all of which vary in difficulty and require you to use a variety of planes. The online can be a bit dodgy at times as games usually take awhile to find. A mic is nearly required as squads easily dominate an enemy with a group of about 8 missiles on one plane, spiked to death. Overall i highly recommend HAWX to anyone who may want to pick up a flight game or to someone who is a veteran of flight games.

ERS is great for newer players
The single player doesn't get old, it keeps you trying
Maneuvers in assistance off are fun to do and help in whatever mode
The large amount levels and challenges keep players wanting to level

Online is a bit dodgy in game finding time
Maps aren't always the best as they were satellite scanned

I rate this game 88%.

Feel free to debate, add on or chat about my review.
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